Back to School Project: Create a Personalized Remote Learning Space

I can't believe school is starting this week! Summer flew by faster than expected and remains a huge blur! Due to the current situation with the Global Pandemic, our school district has decided to start off the school year with remote learning. When we started remote learning in the Spring, I knew our set up wasn't going to work long term, but I didn't put any effort to make a new space.  I had hopes we would be going back to school in person in the Fall.

Since the boys will be remote learning for at least a couple of months, I decided to make a new learning space.  I didn't want anything too complicated or expensive, but wanted to make it a comfortable space they could call their own. It had to be downstairs so I can be close by while still tending to my daily tasks.  I know there will be times when both of them will be online live at the same time, so in addition to this space, I have a little desk for my eldest to use in the front room (not pictured).

Here is the main Remote Learning Space!  (no pictured, step stools for the kids to place their feet on)

After finding the perfect spot and researching proper desk ergonomics, I created my vision for the space. Once I designed it, my first step was to find items around the house that I could use.  I was excited when I realized I could repurpose the homemade bunting I made for my youngest son's nursery! It was the perfect addition to the wall and went along with the little Seahawks sign that we love. Also, we already had the two  pencil cups and the rug on the right (both from Ikea). 

Handmade bunting made by yours truly!

Had to show our love for the Seahawks!

Next step was to order the items that I needed to complete the space.  

I purchased the following items online:

- Both Desks: These are part of the Micke line of desks at Ikea.  I originally wanted the hutch but they were sold out!  I thought about purchasing it seperatly when they became available, but now that I completed the space, I don't think we need it anymore.

- Both Chairs: These are called the Lobergert/Sibben from Ikea. Honestly, I would have preferred a chair with wheels but they were all sold out! However, I am pleasantly surprised that these are working out well.

- Rug (on the left): This is the Storabo rug from Ikea. I thought it was same as the one I already had but it was smaller, however I think it still works!

- Mouse Pads:  I purchased these plain mouse pads from Office Depot.  If you are going to use heat transfer vinyl, be aware, DO NOT keep the heat on it for too long or turn the heat down!

- Both bulletin boards: The bulletin boards are also from Office Depot.  They were having a great sale on school supplies!

The last step was to personalize the space! Each child picked out what they wanted on his mouse pad and the font for the name. I used Sister Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl to make a personalized decal with my Cricut Maker. I had to take great care when I was ironing on the decal, I didn't want to melt the mouse pad!

Overall, I think it came out exactly how I envisioned! I love little projects like this to keep me busy! Let me know if you want to see other projects I am doing!


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