Welcome to The Sassy Suburban Mom blog!  My name is Laurie Ann and I am currently a work at home mom living in the Seattle area. I am mom to two busy little boys, Jackson who is 6 years old and Dean who is 2 and have been married to my husband for almost 9 years!

My blog is currently going through a revitalizing stage so please bear with me.  I have reached that  mommy stage where my children are old enough now where I can actually find some time to do things for myself. I love to entertain, travel, fashion, lux goodies and am always thrilled to catch a great bargain!

At the beginning of 2018, I told myself this is the year to find "balance."  As a small business owner, mom, and wife, I juggle many balls.  I am in the process of finding what is important and living my best life.

I am starting a health journey!  The last couple of years have been hard with trying to juggle a new child, work, type2 diabetes, family and a healthy lifestyle.  I won't be trying any fad diets or extreme weight loss plans.  I want to live life in moderation and be active!

Thanks you for stopping by!

Laurie Ann


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