January 2021 Favorite Things

It's a new year so your girl is trying some new things! This year I will be sharing some of my favorite things on a monthly basis. These items may or may not be new to me but they will be items that I really loved during the month. Each review will be short and to the point, so here we go!

1. Drunk Elephant's Protini Polypeptide Cream:
The Good: 
  • It helped revive my face's super dry and neglected skin.  My face has never felt better!
  • Comes in a convenient air-tight container complete with a pump that portions out the perfect amount. I literally use one pump in the morning and one in the evening.
  • Super moisturizing!
  • They are on the "Clean at Sephora list."
The Bad: 
  • Cost. A 1.69oz (50ml) container will set you back $68.
  • Even though the packaging is air-tight, this means you can't open it to see how much you have left.  One day you will just run out.  Keep notes to see how long it takes the first container to run out and have a back-up ready.
The Short and My Recommendations:
  • This moisturizer is priced on the high end and depending on your budget, it's definitely a splurge, but remember you are worth it!  
  • Before buying the bigger container see if they offer a smaller or travel size.  I purchased a kit from Sephora that offered some of the Drunk Elephants products in a smaller size (the one I purchased is no longer available).  I wanted to see how my skin reacted before committing to the bigger container.

2. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush:

The Good:
  • You only need one tool to dry AND style hair.
  • It offers three temperature settings, cool, low and high.
  • It has a swivel cord.
  • The top stays cool so you can grab on to it while styling.
The Bad:
  • It's a little bulky and could get heavy for some.
  • The hot setting can get too hot.
The Short and My Recommendations:
  • This could be a game changer for those who don't like to use a hair dryer and brush separately.  However, for me after a couple minutes it was getting a little heavy.  Full disclosure, I use a hair dryer once or twice a month, so my stamina is much less than others who style their hair daily. 
  • I would recommend air drying your hair or using the cool setting first to the point where your hair is at least 40% dry before bringing on the heat.  This cuts down on the time actual heat is being used to minimize any heat damage.  Also, since I have thin hair, I used the low setting the whole time and kept the brush moving. I have heard that the high setting can get too hot.  

3. TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce:

The Good:
  • I LOVE the flavor of this!  It had the perfect combination of heat and sweetness.
  • Not too spicy
  • I loved eating it on my eggs!
The Bad:
  • Cost:  A six ounce bottle will set you back around $34.99!  I got this as a Christmas gift and realized how generous this was when I looked up the price. This is double the price of the other gourmet hot sauces offered.
  • My husband said that this left a weird after taste, however I didn't experience this.
The Short and My Recommendations:
  • I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this hot sauce but the reality is, I think it's too expensive to buy on the regular.  Maybe for special occasions to help elevate some dishes, but $30+ is just too much. 
  • I purchased a mini set of all three hot sauces when it was available during the holidays.  It is perfect if you just want to try before shelling out the loot since these are pricey hot sauces!

Hope you enjoyed my first edition of "Laurie Ann's Favorite Things"! Stay tuned for next month's items! 


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