Huntington Beach: Lunching at LSXO

What do you do on vacation other than stay up late, sleep-in and see the sites?  You need to EAT ALL THE THINGS! When on vacation, our family makes it a point to always check out new restaurants, however we also make an effort to visit some of our all time favorites.

LSXO won a place on my personal "Favorite SoCal Eats List" (coming soon) in just one visit.  The way they serve up the Southern Vietnamese cuisine with some Chinese flare reminds me of a meal you would get while visiting family or friends, casual and home cooked. 

LSXO is inside the Bluegold restaurant located at Pacific City in Huntington Beach, California. There are no signs outside stating that LSXO is there, one just has to know.  It has a speakeasy kind of vibe and I am living for it! Once inside Bluegold, you head towards the windows, take a left down a hallway by the kitchen where you will see a small plaque next to the grand double doors leading into LSXO.

My husband and I had dinner at LSXO last year and knew we had to come back with our boys.  The atmosphere feels like a secret room in the corner somewhere with a classy but yet rustic eclectic decor. The restaurant is small and seats only 28 people. The background music isn't subtle like most restaurants, it is loud rap music. So first timers beware, there could be some curse words in the lyrics.  We were warned about this when they called to confirm our reservation. Knowing this, we were hesitant to bring our young boys with us but they are at the age where they know what words should not be repeated. 

During the day, the view of Huntington Beach is breathtaking and can be seen from almost all the seats in the restaurant. We ordered some dishes that we loved from our last visit and ordered a couple new ones to try.

The kids enjoying the view of Huntington Beach

Pork, Shrimp and Crab Dumplings
We ordered these primarily for the boys and we asked for the spicy black vinegar on the side. These little savory pillows filled with all of my favorite things were perfection and unforgettable.  The flavors complemented each other and the spicy vinegar added just the right amount of tang to bring the dumplings to a whole different level. The kids loved it so much we ordered another TWO orders!

Pork, Crab and Shrimp Dumplings

Close up of the yummy dumpling

Pho Bahn Cuon
These wide thin rice noodles were wrapped around beef, tendon and lettuce and topped with fresh cilantro, Thai basil, chilies, and pickled onion.  I didn't have any of this dish but my husband loved the combination of the different textures and flavors.

Pho Banh Cuon

Bun Thang
This was another dish we ordered for the kids.  It's a soup with vermicelli noodles, chicken and eggs.  The kids loved it! This would be a perfect soup for when you are under the weather or wanted to warm up on a cold day. Can we say comfort food? Another thing to note, this dish is served family style and can easily be shared with four people.

Bun Thang

Goi Du Du (Green Papaya Salad)
Now THIS is probably my favorite dish! It's not just any regular papaya salad.  The combination of the dried shrimp and the beef jerky elevate this dish by giving it another flavor component like no other papaya salad. It's so EXTRA! There is something about the dried shrimp they use that sets this papaya salad above the rest.  This dish is a must try!

Goi Du Du aka Green Papaya Salad

The dried shrimp in the papaya salad

Shaky Shaky Beef
Shaky Shaky Beef is another one of my favorite dishes here.  How could you not love a thick brown butter soy sauce blanketing perfectly cooked beef served with a tomato garlic fried rice? Loads of flavors layered into one perfect dish! Even though there are several strong flavors, it works well together.

Needless to say lunch at LSXO was just as fabulous as our previous dinner experience.  If you ever find yourself in the Huntington Beach area, be sure visit this restaurant, it is a hidden (literally) gem!


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