Reclaiming Sassy- My Health Journey

I wanted to start my health journey February of this year but to be honest, I kept making excuses and allowing things to distract me from focusing on myself and my health.  I was a small business owner for the last 2.5 years and it took up most of my time.  Now that my business is no longer a distraction, I am ready to do this. I NEED to do this, especially since my diabetes has been going uncontrolled for way too long.

My wake-up calls were when my Endocrinologist AND my Internal Medicine doctors both were worried about my weight, blood pressure and diabetes.

My journey officially started on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018. A couple months before this date, I signed up for a "Founder's Membership" with Orangetheory Fitness.  I took my first VIP class on Memorial Day which was also the day I committed myself to this health journey. That first class was hard as shit but you know what? I got through it.  After I was able to decompress, realized that I loved it.  I also started eating better, which I will explain more in a bit.  After my three VIP classes I was hooked on this workout and craved it.  I have been going three times week and soon will add a fourth class.  The scale has moved a little, I am down three pounds, but my biggest victory so far is that my clothes fit better and can now wear jeans I haven't been able to wear in three years!

So what's my plan for this journey?  I am keeping it simple for right now.  I know from the past that if I over complicate something, I tend to give up. Once I have created new healthy habits, I will then challenge myself further.

This is my strategy for now:

- Meal prep the best I can on weekends. Focus on lunches and snacks for my husband and myself during the week.
- Have the least amount of carbs as possible for dinner.  
- No sweets after dinner (on occasion is okay).
- Try to incorporate more fiber rich and green foods.
- Add more nutrient dense foods.
- Keep eating out and take out to a minimum.
- Try new foods.  I just tried raw oatmeal and I am OBSESSED!

- Orangetheory classes 3-4 times a week
- On days off from Orangetheory, do something to stay active but keep one day as a true rest day.  I plan on going to the YMCA to take some Zumba Classes or taking the kids to the pool.

- No more diet soda, only drink water.
- Drink only one coffee a day with the least amount of sugar as possible.  I have been doing a Grande Cascara Cold Foam and Cold Brew from Starbucks with only 1 pump of cascara in the foam and one pump of vanilla in the cold brew.
- Sleep at least 7 hours per night.  ( I was getting 4-5 hours a night for the last year)
- Check my blood sugars as recommended by my physician .

So here are my before pictures. I took these before heading to my first Orangetheory class. I really didn't want to post these but I want to keep this journey as real and honest as possible.

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