Hello! I know it's been a LONG time, 4+ years to be exact!  I have been super busy so lets do a quick catch up!

  • I gave birth to my second son Dean in June 2015. He is now 2 years old and refuses to potty train.
  • In December 2015, I opened my own small business. Even though I have loved every minute of it and it has been profitable since the beginning,  I am struggling to find balance between work and life.
  • Jackson started Kindergarten last September and I have enjoyed every minute of watching him learn and grow!  
  • This year I have told myself that keeping things simple is the way to go.  I am working on purging crap in the house and getting back to doing things I enjoy such as crafting, cooking and making time to see my friends.
  • Now that Dean is almost 3 years old, I am FINALLY getting back to being able to focus on ME.  With that, I am embarking on a health journey. More details to come!
  • I have two new instagram accounts!
    • sassysuburbanmom:  I post anything that you would find on my blog but minimal health journey items.
    • reclaimingsassy: I will post things that relate to my health journey here.
I can't wait to start writing and sharing my life and health journey with you all!

My Family!


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